(UPDATE) – Sat. & Sun. Feb. 8-9 • Outdoor hike

Snowshoe by Moonlight… or something like that

February 8th and March 9th

2/7 Update: Saturday from 12-5pm  and Sunday 12-3pm you are welcome to come take a walk about the property or out to the ledge. Snowshoes are NOT available for rental. You should be good with a solid pair of winter boots or spikes if you have them. We will have the bon fire going and mulled wine in the pot 🙂

2/5 Update: Well, it looks like once again we don’t quite have enough snow to do a formal snowshoe event. Plus, the moon will be hiding behind a cloudy evening – making it a wee bit dark in our part of farm country. We will not be hosting the snowshoe event in February. Our target is to have a larger, day time event on March 14th! Please check back as we get a better forecast into the future weather system.

*If you would like to come with your winter boots and walk the property on Saturday, you are more than welcome to! Check in with the bar and we can give you an idea of where to roam.


It’s something special to have an evening filled with moonlight in the country. Now, this event will need to have a few moving pieces in place: Clear skis and well, snow. We’ll handle all that we can including (some) snowshoe rentals, a groomed trail – classic, camp fires, mulled wine and food options. The plan is to meet at the vineyard at a time that makes sense (ie: after working hours if it’s on a weekday) and gather as a group as we walk together through the trail.

Option 1: Meet the group and take the 3 mile trek from LSV, through the farm fields, to The Ledge and back to LSV.

Option 2: Self guided. Trek through the vineyard and stick closer to the building. There will be light points and a map for you to follow. Come and go as you please, paths can range from 500 ft to a mile.

——- More information will come as we figure out what winter gives us. We’ll release this event on Facebook in late December. Please try to follow the FB page or ring the vineyard close to the full moon. If the evening before/after calls for better weather, we’ll adjust. ———–

January 10th Sunset, 4:33pm | February 8th Sunset, 5:11pm | March 9th Sunset, 6:52pm (thank goodness for daylight saving!)



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