2020 Syrah


Varietal: Syrah

Year: 2020

ABV: 14.2%

Country/Region: Lake Chelean, Washington

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2020 Syrah
2020 is the first vintage we worked with Syrah here at LedgeStone Vineyards. It was a hot year in Washington State, where the grapes grow so the grapes were picked towards late September. I can remember the fruit – dark in color, long clusters with ripe skins and plump pomace. Just about five barrels of the deep red wine were produced, or close to 130 cases. This wine is like getting to know the inner secrets of a friend, deep yet elegant. You can’t ignore the sandy tannins or the ripe characteristics of plums and berries. Englude in this wine with a great steak. Grapes grown by Rocky Pond Estates.