2022 Frontenac Barrel Blanc


Varietals: Frontenac Blanc

Year: 2022

ABV: 13.4%

Country/Region: Wisconsin + Minnesota

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2022 Frontenac Barrel Aged Blanc

It’s the first time we’ve experimented with barrel aging Frontenac Blanc. Traditionally at LSV Frontenac Blanc is made into a semi-sweet wine but we knew the main flavors would lend well to a full bodied, dry style. After the wine finished fermenting in the tank, we pulled seven barrels to age in a different way. We gathered a small amount of sediment that the wine aged on (lees), creating more body and depth. In addition, that malolactic fermentation we mentioned in the La Crescent was done to all seven barrels. Most of the barrels saw MLF that contributes to buttery and baking spices and some, simply rounded out the wine and emphasized tropical fruit notes.After nearly 9 months of oak again we were happy with the flavors and body that the wine has achieved. If you want to compare this to another style, it’s similar to a Chardonnay. Rounded characteristics but still a backbone of acidity which helps keep freshness in the wine when there are a ton of characters like toffee, caramelized tropical fruit and baked lemons. It’s a stunning and best enjoyed when it’s a little warmer than cold. So after you pop the bottle, keep that wine on the table and be a part of the transformation of flavors.