2022 La Crescent


Varietal: LaCrescent

Year: 2022

ABV: 13.2%

Country/Region: Minnesota

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2022 La Crescent

An absolute show stopper when it comes to an aromatic white wine. La Crescent is again one of the cold hardy grapes that is becoming more challenging to find growers that have it planted as it’s a more tricky to care for in the vineyard. The La Crescent we sourced is from Minnesota, a state that has a booming viticulture industry. This grape has roots closely related to the grape muscat and it’s clear in its characteristics of that relation.La Crescent blooms with notes of citrus and honeysuckle. It’s a wine that can stop me in my tracks to just take in those aromatics. On the palate it’s bright and balanced, with just a hint of sweetness to help tame the acidity, much like a traditional Chenin Blanc. After fermentation we pulled off wine destined for two barrels. In barrel malolactic fermentation was introduced, which essentially converts acids to a softer form. Then it’s blended back together for a more interesting wine! This wine is fantastic with food, roasted vegetables, creamy pastas – you name it. It’s the third time we’ve been able to get our hands on La Crescent grapes and good news is, we’ll have it again next year! Enjoy this beautiful white wine down to the last sip.