Nomadic Wine Club April Release

Tasting notes for wines in the April 2024 release! We’re always on an adventure to find new wines so you may get a wine in your package that isn’t on the list and some we were only able to get a few cases of! Have a look through and let our bartenders know if you were after something specifically. 


Producer: LedgeStone Vineyards

Grape: Petite Sirah

Year: 2021

ABV: 13.8%

Country/Region: Lodi, CA


We are proud to bring to you our first Petite Sirah we’ve made here at LedgeStone Vineyards! Petite Sirah is a dark, inky fruit not related to Syrah at all. Indeed, the grapes are more petite and pack a punch in flavor. 

Petite Sirah is often used in blends but when managed properly in the vineyard and in the winery, it can shine on its own. The grapes were picked at peak ripeness and cold shipped to our winery here in Wisconsin. That cold shipping chills down the fruit and allows us to crush the grapes and have a pre-fermentation, cold-soak maceration while we wait for the temperatures to rise to a place happy for the yeast. Punch downs were performed twice a day to help really incorporate the color and tannin into the fermenting grapes. We love working with Petite Sirah because that color is striking and the acid provides structure and backbone from aging in a barrel until resting in bottle. A wee bit of Zinfandel was blended into this wine to round out the mid-palate and create depth and interest in the wine. 

Enjoy this Petite Sirah with red meat, dry cheeses or even with a more hardy fish dish. We recommend opening the bottle, taking notes while you try the wine and seeing how the wine evolves with time. The only Petite Sirah we’ll have for a few years – we hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

Producer: LedgeStone Vineyards

Grape: Pinot Noir

Year: 2022

ABV: 12.9%

Country/Region: Monterey, CA

Open: Recommended, mid-June


Pinot Noir – a grape that takes on its place. In 2022 we found ourselves working south to Monterey, California. I absolutely love that Pinot Noir is a reflection of where it grows. The fruit was grown on the high hillsides with a lot of influence from the Pacific Ocean. Here you may see fruit that carries secondary notes of forest floor and black tea but of course, you can not deny the fruit characters such as pomegranate and red plum that keep the nose alive. During fermentation, punch downs were performed to allow the wine to breathe and incorporate the extraction of color and therefore, were gentle and closely monitored. About 20% of this wine found its way to new oak barrels which carried the depth of the wine even further than that forest floor. The fruit was picked relatively early in the season, allowing for the acidity to be maintained and the mid-palate of the wine to be refreshing and slightly quick. A drink that has you coming back for the next sip. We’re looking forward to enjoying this wine mid-summer time. With a slight chill in the bottle, this wine will show itself more and more with each drink. 

Please try to hold this wine for a few months to enjoy as it could use a little more rest in the bottle. We were eager to get this wine to you first but truly, mid-summer is when we intend for you all to enjoy it. PS: The Welders on the label is from a picture back in the 1950’s/1960’s in welding class, at Marinette High School. 

Producer: Spring Seed

Grape: Shiraz

Year: 2019

ABV: 14%

Country/Region: McLaren Vale, South Australia


Is it a Syrah or is it Shiraz? These two are the same grapes but can lead the consumer to understand the style of the wine and where it was produced. Shiraz is the term Australians came to know as generally, the fruit grown is bold and ripe off the vine. This Scarlet Runner Shiraz was picked just past the peak of summer (Feb. 2019) and headed straight to the winery for fermentation in a combination of open-top oak vats and open-top stainless tanks. The winemaker uses organic practices and minimum intervention to allow the fruit to shine on its own. The characters we are looking for here are tons of stewed, black fruit (blackberries, cooked blueberries) and hints of spice such as anise and licorice. From here, the wine is aged in American and French oak barrels and only about 10% of those are new. Oak can be a powerful tool and should always be seen as a contribution to the wine rather than something that hits you in the face!

We were looking for a wine that could take us from these cooler days into Spring. I’m still craving reds and this Shriaz sits pretty on the mid-palate and just leaves you with a touch of tannin through the end. It’s a wine that goes easily with front porch sitting or a campfire out the back. Looking to pair this with food? Think about what the locals would do and throw something on the barbeque.

Producer: Marques de Ceceres

Grape: Tempranillo

Year: 2019

ABV: 14%

Country/Region: Rioja, Spain


100% Tempranillo grapes, hand-harvested plot by plot from over 30-year-old vines in Rioja Alta, Spain.  This wine sees 14 months in new predominantly French oak barrels, providing smooth complexity and tasty tannins, and then further ages 12 months in bottle prior to release. This wine is coined a Cuvee and not one of the traditional Rioja categories because the winemaker decided to go with taste, and flavor and chose the time it was ready for bottle rather than adhering to the strict rules of barrel and bottle age. Marques de Caceres has quite the Rioja reputation across the world but what we like is when the rules are stripped and the team gets to create a product that is out of passion and skill. 

This wine is full-bodied, with black fruit and licorice notes on the palate, the finish hints at clove and black pepper (typical, Tempranillo). We are constantly on the search for a Tempranillo that showcases the vibrance and packs a punch on your palate and this my friends, is certainly it.  Serve this ruby beauty with barbecue grilled ribs, or smoky chops. 

Producer: Zuani

Grape: White Blend

Year: 2022

ABV: 12.5%

Country/Region: DOC Collio, Fruili, Northern Italy

Hellooooo Spring!  This bright, lip-smackin’ white wine is a refreshing blend of Friulano, Sauv Blanc, Chardonnay, and Pinot Grigio – a combination of native Italian grapes and tide and true vinifera.  Hailing from northeastern Italy, Friulano is a grape varietal producing lively, fruity wines with notes of citrus, floral, almond and perhaps a touch of minerality. This wine is a perfect example of white grapes that play better together, each contributing nose, body, or different fruit characters that are more powerful and lovely in a single bottle. The winemaker is the one with the final say of the blend as each grape varietal is fermented and aged separately then blended for perfection. Enjoy a chilled glass of this on the deck with prosciutto and mozzarella,  or with grilled white fish basted with lemon butter and caper sauce.  

Producer: Pecorari

Grape: Pinot Noir and Refosco

Year: 2023

ABV: 12.5%

Country/Region: Friului/Venezia Italy


Rosé season is back! As a quick reminder, Rosé is traditionally made with red grapes, only you remove the skins when the fruit comes into the winery. The color is therefore in control (most of the time) by the winemaker, deciding to press the delicate juice off those color-leeching skins right when it’s been enough. 

This wine is fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks. The detail that I saw come through is the stirring of lees for seven months after the first clean racking. This provides depth and body in a wine that is generally clean and quick. A rosé made from Pinot Noir generally has the characteristics of rose hip, freshly picked strawberries. This is a dry Rosé however, the fresh characters in this wine give it a touch of fruitiness that pairs perfectly with summer. When selecting a Rosé – always look for the newest vintage available. This 2023 is fresh to the market and will drink beautifully all summer long. 

Producer: Greg Norman

Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon  

Year: 2021

ABV: 14.5%

Country/Region: Sonoma, CA


There is always time for a great Cabernet. Greg Norman is a brand we’ve dabbled with a bit in the past. The Aussie native has vineyards in New Zealand, California, and of course, Australia (living the dream, right?). This particular Cab Sauv. comes from some of the warmest parts of Sonoma which is unique as it can ripen this late harvest fruit while also reaping the benefits of the cool ocean breeze off of the Pacific. 

As many winemakers prefer, the fruit was brought into the winery early in the morning while it was still cool. Fermentation happened in open, smaller vats (great tannin extraction) and then pressed and barreled down into neutral oak. I love that this wine still has so many secondary characteristics like espresso and big, ripened berries. I’m always on the hunt for a good Cabernet that maintains structure without being incredibly oaked and can be paired with a variety of food options without tiring the pallet. This one hits the mark and keeps enough elegance to compliment any red meat protein plate or a fabulous dry-aged cheese.

Producer: Brokenwood

Grape: Semillon

Year: 2022

ABV: 11.2%

Country/Region: Hunter Valley, Australia


Tucked in a little pocket of the world is the Hunter Valley region of Australia, just about an hour north of Sydney, is the land of Semillon, and let me tell you, it’s a beauty. Brokenwood was one of the OG in the Hunter region and they put Semillon on the map! Semillon is a white grape variety often used in a blend in France but here the Hunter – it shines on its own. The 2022 growing year was the wettest season on record. Thankfully, by the time summer came through in January, the skies turned dry and allowed for great canopy production and lovely fruit. Generally, Hunter Valley is picked and done with winemaking by the time the rest of the country is only beginning! However, in 2022, it was one of the latest seasons yet and the vineyard was harvested in mid-February (similar timeline to the Scarlet Runner Shiraz which is way further South – just crazy!). 

Semillon is an acidic wine that lends wonderfully to aging or pairing with seafood. This racy wine will have you understand what green apple and lemon pith-tasting notes are while also showing the delicacy of apple blossoms on the nose. Serve cold and I won’t even judge you if you pop a few ice cubes in the glass and take it down by the pool. Summer is here!

Producer:  Makarounas

Grape: Cabernet Franc

Year: 2022

ABV: 13.5%

Country/Region: Cyprus

If you’ve been following along, you might have picked up that we absolutely adore the grape, Cabernet Franc. Now, we may be more inclined to drink those that have a big ol’ tannin background or blend with its partners in crime, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot but let’s think outside the box shall we? Pack your bags and take an adventure to the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus. Located to the West of Syria, Cyprus is known to have some of the oldest roots in winemaking, dating back nearly 5000 years ago. The region is mostly divided into four growing areas and for the most part, wine is made by four larger producers however the Makarounas vineyard and winery are completely family ran. The winemaker made his way to the famous UC Davis to get a degree and started making wine back in Cyprus starting in 2016. 

The altitude of the growing region allows for sun-drenched days and cooler nights. You can expect this Cabernet Franc to be different than what you are used to. It’s perfect with a slight chill and look out for its zippy characteristics that are great for enjoying a red in the Spring. Stainless steel aging and fermentation help keep the purity and vibrance of this organically grown and handled wine. This beauty is unfiltered and unfined, leaving it

Producer:  Ver Sacrum

Grape: Monastrell

Year: 2020

ABV: 13.0%

Country/Region: Uco Valley, Mendoza


Let’s keep it fresh! Gosh, I love this vineyard and winery and their entire concept of the craft. Located in Mendoza Argentina, these gents planted Phone varieties and are using traditional methods of winemaking right down to foot stomping the must to extract that fine juice. These guys are playing around with carbonic maceration and fermentation in concrete eggs. The carbonic maceration allows the grapes to ferment inside the skins, allowing for the most fruit-forward beauties you can ever imagine. 

This wine has notes of black sweet cherries, cocoa, and some earthiness to it too but overall the goal goes back to low alcohol, low skin contact wines that are fresh and easy to drink. This wine can be served with a touch of a chill to it and is the perfect bottle when you’re searching for something before dinner. Ver Sacrum is the symbol of the new tribe, new art, and new vine. It’s honoring the ancient while celebrating the creation of something new. This wine may be a touch out of your comfort zone but to me, it’s a beautiful expression of Monastrell variety and what it’s meant to be.