Nomadic Wine Club January Release

Tasting notes for wines in the January 2024 release! We’re always on an adventure to find new wines so you may get a wine in your package that isn’t on the list. Most are accounted for!

Producer: LedgeStone Vineyards

Grape: Malbec

Year: 2020

ABV: 13.8%

Country/Region: Lake Chelan, WA


Malbec has quickly become a favorite wine of LedgeStone Vineyards both by you as consumers and us as the winemakers. Malbec can be finicky. It’s a prime example of ‘wine is made in the vineyard’ as it requires attention to detail, crop thinning and making sure all the fruit is ripening at the same time, at the right time. The Malbec we work with grows along side the Columbia River in Lake Chelan. The soils are sandy and drain well and the sun exposure is massive making the vines happy and ready to be ripe. 



We’ve really enjoyed learning our technique with Malbec over the years and this is our third release with 100% of the wine being simply, Malbec. In 2020 we did manual punch downs of the fruit at least twice a day, I remember it was when we were so cramped for space as it was the last vintage we did in the cellar before our expansion. The color on the Malbec being extracted is beautiful and bold, the flavors being juicy and plump. After pressing the wine off skins, it’s destined for barrels and in 2020 we took the lot down to limited new oak, targeting the fruit characteristics to be the showcase of this luscious variety. It’s tannins are therefore silky and the finish is lingering, a true wine to savor each sip. The label artwork selected for this bottling is called, ‘My body is my home’ and to us it speaks of the comfort from within and the growth that only you can elaborate on. It’s the fire that drives determination and the grace and finesse that is allowed to show. This wine to us is something that is personal and has helped us grow as winemakers. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. This wine can be drank now but consider opening it 12-24 hours in advance. It will continue to age with grace. Only about 125 cases produced.




Producer: LedgeStone Vineyards

Grape: Marquette

Year: 2020

ABV: 13.6%

Country/Region: Wisconsin


Introducing the 2020 Marquette Reserve. It’s only the second time we’ve released a dry, traditional style Marquette and we’re thrilled with the results of the cold-hardy grape with barrel age. In 2020 we had built relationships with a few more Wisconsin growers and allocated a couple tons of fruit to be dedicated to our barrel program. Fast forward to the end of 2023 when we pulled the wine from barrel and wow, magic unfolded. Marquette is filled with brillant red fruit characters that generally are bright however, with the 30 months of oak aging, we see the traditional red cherry character but also a deeper dive into rich, stewed fruit from age. There’s also hints of baking spices and touches of vanilla from the oak – although all five barrels were once used or older in age (so not contributing a ton of those traditional big toasted oak flavors). 


We decided to put this Marquette in the Reserve category. Now, in the US there are not requirements or laws in which a winemaker has to follow to coin a wine a reserve. To us, it earned the rating because of the beauty and maturity that developed with the time in oak and the unique example of what this cold-hardy, Wisconsin grown grape can be. It’s a wine that we only share with those that love savoring the sips, that can get lost in a glass much like your mind may clear when walking through a forest. It’s the silence that occurs when all the right things combine at once and create this deeper moment of thoughtfulness. We hope this lovely example of Marquette gets you thinking deeper about what Wisconsin grown wines can be. Just about 130 cases of the Marquette bottled here at LSV. Again, it’s good to enjoy now but be sure to open the wine the night before you plan to drink it to allow alot of it’s deeper flavors to open.


Producer: Valkyrie Selections 

Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon (primarily) 

Year: 2021

ABV: 14.5%

Country/Region: Washington State


2021 in Washington was hot, hot, hot! The Cabernet Sauvingon put out by Valkyrie Selections is about 95% Cabernet Sauvignon and the remaining 5% is made up of Merlot, Syrah, Petite Verdot and Malbec. Now, with the temperatures being record breaking, this really effected the yields – most vineyards being down in production by 30-40%. Here at LSV we source a lot of fruti from WA and we saw that same yield reduction. However, with the lower production vines were producing grapes that were concentrated, rich in flavor and some of the most bold characters in years. It’s true what they say, quality over quantity. 


Can you guess some of the tasting notes of this wine then? We’re looking at ripe, stewed black fruit, moderate tannins and a wine that can handle more oak because of these massive flavors. Requiem was co-fermented (different grapes fermented together) and aged in mostly french oak with 30% new oak. So this is going to give a touch of those sweeter characters like baking spices and vanilla. A solid wine when you don’t want to think too hard about it and when you don’t quite feel like making dinner. A solid Cabernet from 2021 but frankly, Valkyrie does a great job with their wines year after year. 

Producer: Barbicaia 

Grape: Rosso di Montepluciano

Year: 2020

ABV: 13.5%

Country/Region: Tuscany, Italy



Sangiovese – it’s a soft spot for us at LSV. Such an amazing grape that can make a variety of styles of wine. This vineyard was planted originally in the 60’s and has been managed by family ever since. Marco Barbi is the son of the original owner and in the 90s he took a look at the vineyard, the clay and stone solid and decided it was time to replant. This project took over 10 years to complete – bringing the vines to maturity, selling the young fruit before determining it was ready for his own vision of the wines to be made. The block that the Sanigovese grapes come from for this particular bottling produces elegant fruit filled with aromatics and juicy characteristics and they aim to preserve those characters by using traditional barrels and tonneau that are untoasted and on second use to allow the fruit to be first. 



Marco makes this wine by completely destemming and crushing the fruit, fermenting in stainless vats that he can control the temperature. Then the wine moves into barrel for only about 8 months before being bottled. This type of Sanigovese is stunning – it’s bursting with fruit characters, has tannin to grip the palate and a finish that is refreshing and clean. A perfect wine to pair with meats or cheeses. For me, it’s a wine that I would take to a friends house, to catch up over light apps and long conversations. As a finishing note, the winery name of Barbicaia means ‘the group of vine roots that emerge from the ground’ and for Marco, that says it all.

Producer: Valravn 

Grape: Zinfandel

Year: 2022

ABV: 14.5%

Country/Region: Sonoma County, California 


A beautiful Zin from a small winery utilizing fruits from bush-pruned vines averaging 40 years (some over 100).  Old vines produce less but more concentrated fruit resulting in this approachable yet velvety thick wine, which has been co-fermented with Petite Sirah and Grenache.  Aged 10 months in a varying regimen of French oak, from new to completely neutral.  Bursts with dark cherry and black raspberry aromas while the palate is warm with notes of chocolate, licorice and tobacco.  Strikes a fine balance of tannins, fruit and acidity.  Serve with a hearty beef stew or barbecued pork ribs. 

Producer: Foris Vineyards

Grape: Pinot Noir

Year: 2021

ABV: 13.7%

Country/Region: Rouge Valley, Oregon


Foris Vineyards is located in what must be one of the most beautiful parts of the states; just North of the CA/OR boarder and about 20 miles in from the Pacific Ocean. Surrounded by forest and soils with river rocks, stone and well draining properties. Founded in the 1970’s and grown to over 188 acres of fruit and still managed by the original founder, Ted Gerber.


Their vineyard produces some of our favorite white wines and this additional of a Pinot Noir is no exception to the greatness. Southern OR Pinot is going to be a different than the popular Willamette Valley. The fruit carries notes of dark cherry or black currants and has hints of cedar and a touch of baking chocolate which seems to come from the fruit rather then the mostly neutral barrels used. The team hand picks the pinot lots from mid September through October and does manual punch downs during fermentation for up to 14 days (much like we do at LSV). The resulting wine is delicate but thought provoking – a great wine to pair up with a salmon dinner or perhaps something with a touch of spice as the acids in this wine are low to moderate and will provide a great balance! A great example of Pinot Noir made from southern OR to add to your list of Pinots around the world.

Producer: Tre Monti

Grape: Pignoletto  

Year: 2023

ABV: 12%

Country/Region:Emilia-Romagna, Italy 


Let’s talk about something completely different here; Pignoletto. Pack your bags, we are headed to the famous region of Emilia-Romagna in Italy which is near the North Eastern coast on the Adriatic Sea, south of Venice. We’re indulging in Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Parma ham, traditional balsamic vinegar and of course, pasta. There are the old, midevil looking castles and vineyards that line the hillsides. There’s a variety of grapes that grow well in the region but we are going to narrow down to the grape Pignoletto or known locally as Grechetto. A shining star in the white wine production of the region. When made into a dry wine, it’s fresh, acidic and has subtle notes of floral and citrus on the palate. When made into a sparkling wine it’s refreshing, a palate cleanser, fruity and fun.

Here are some wine terms to learn. Frizzante – a type of sparkling wine that is considered a semi-sparkling with a gentle fizz in contract to a processo that has large and in charge bubbles. This wine has the pignoletto under go a charmat method to sparkle. So it’s fermented then put into a stainless tank to go through a secondary fermentation which captures the carbondioxide in tank and forces that bubble to infuse into the wine. The charmat method will have some gross lees in the tank (sediment) and therefore carry over a small amount of those bready characteristics but it’s mostly a clean, citrus and fruit driven wine. Because of the delicate process and the desired outcome of a gentle bubble – this wine will lose it’s fizz after the first day. So here is your homework to finish this bottle once opened! This one is a little different for us but I couldn’t deny the freshness and food friendliness the Tri Monte provides. Great wine for brunch or with any sort of cheese pairing.

Producer: Tim Smith

Grape: Shiraz

Year: 2020 

ABV: 14.5%

Country/Region: Barossa, Australia


Traveling down under to the southern region of Barossa, Australia. A massive area for grape growing that has many different soil types and great influence from the Great Southern Ocean. Shiraz is the King in teh Barossa valley and is the ‘birth’ of calling Syrah, Shiraz. The warmer part of the world produces more bold and rich characters of fruit often coming off as a little sweet however, that flavor is due to the ripeness of the wine and not necessarily any sugar. 


Tim Smith founded his self titled winery and vineyard in 2001 after spending many years traveling the world and finding which wines he wanted to make. With a profound love for Rhone styles but a homebody for Australia, in comes the Shiraz. He aims to make wines that fly under the radar but are always well appreciated when you bring to a party. The ‘social lubricants’ as he says, are wines to be enjoyed any day at any time. This Bugalugs Shiraz has notes of those ripe, black and blue fruits and just over a year of oak profile to incorporate tannins and body. When going by my self proclaimed rules of pairing; compare flavors or contrast – I’m going to compare. Bring this wine to a barbeque and make fun with it. It’ll warm ya right up on a cool day with the bold and rich characteristics.

Producer:  Leth

Grape: Riesling

Year: 2021

ABV: 12.5%

Country/Region: Wagram, Austria


Every once and a while I cave something with just a touch of sweetness – in comes the Kabinett Riesling from Leth. This is such a no brainer wine that can easily be shared as a host gift or when losing an afternoon with family and friends. Kabinett is a classification of the level of sweetness given to Rieslings – this one meaning ‘off-dry’, so it’s not going to be that overly sweet style of wine but rather purposeful to help balance the characteristics in the bottle. 


The ‘klassik’ style (classic in Austrian) gives way to a wine made with fruitiness and freshness. This wine captures up those notes of green apples, blossom and zest of a lemon in a lean and juicy format. The styles of Riesling are endless and it’s so cool to have a traditional verison coming out of Austria although it’s no surprise as they are known for making clean and off the wall aromatic wines with a little less ABV to be enjoyed during lunch time.