General Admission seating is exactly that. It is an open seating/standing area that is available on our 2+ acres of lawn. It is recommended that you bring a lawn chair and blankets, even a table to set up your space. You’ll go to the indoor bar or outdoor service stations for food/drinks. 

Patio Seating is reserved table seating on our patio stage right of the band (tables + chairs provided). It has some of the best unobstructed views of the stage and surrounding landscape. This area will have a dedicated server for drink service and food.

We love our furry friends. Our motto here at LSV is that we are dog friendly… if your dog is friendly. Dogs must be on a leash. If your dog is a barker, please plan on leaving them at home. Let’s keep the property clean, pick up after our pups. If we use good human practices, we’ll be able to keep this perk available for everyone to enjoy. (doggie bags are provided by the maple tree/handicap parking area). 

Kids are more than welcome! You’ll see many families with their kids attending our concerts at LedgeStone. Please be sure to keep an eye on your child(ren) and that they are not damaging vines or entering areas they should not be. Kids under 16 do not require a ticket. 

Most non-alocholic beverages are ok to be brought in to LSV for a concert. We offer some NA drinks, juices, and sodas at the service areas. If there is something you’d like to see us carry that is NA please let us know!

Carry-in alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be brought onto the property under state law. We will ask you to leave the property if we see alcohol not purchased on the property. 

Small chips, and dry snacks are ok (snacks – but please don’t bring a picnic spread). Birthday cakes, or celebratory baked goods are welcome (if you share!) We have a full kitchen at LSV and bring in food trucks for each show. 

We will have both an outdoor kitchen and full indoor kitchen at LSV for Thursday night concerts. Please check out our menu for available items. The available items may vary based on the indoor or outdoor kitchen.

We will also have rotating food trucks for each Thursday night show. Please follow the event on facebook or check out the event page for the food truck information.

Upon entering the property, look for the ticket attendant. The ticket attendant will check/scan your ticket(s) while you stay in your car. Please have the ready upon arrival.

We have 3 lots at LSV. The Upper Lot is directly off the highway and last to be parked. The Main Lot closest to the building is reserved for food trucks & handicap spots during a Thursday night show. The Concert Lot is the largest area – this will likely be the place you park. 

Proceed until you see a Parking Attendant. They will direct you to the next open spot. Please be mindful and nice to our Parking volunteers. Please follow their direction. 

LSV is located on the Fox River Bike Trail. We love when people bike to the property. The surrounding area is gorgeous.

We have a large bike rack available. and will have additional bike parking areas designated.

Motor-powered bikes often called Motorcycles are also cool to see. Motorcycles will be permitted to park in Main Lot. Please make contact with the Parking Attendant upon arrival. A glance, a wave, or general acknowledgment of the parking attendant is encouraged. 

Ah, the dreaded bad mojo question. 

In the unfortunate occurrence that adverse or unsafe weather appears inevitable prior to the show starting, we will send an email notification, and post on our social media account that the show has been cancelled for the evening. 

We will work with the band to reschedule for a future date in the current Summer/Fall. If we are unable to find a date that works for both us and the band, we will refund the ticket(s) for non-season pass holders.

If you are unable to attend on the rescheduled date and don’t have any deserving friends to pay it forward, please contact us, we often have a waitlist for the concert.